A sport event sponsorship is a certain communication vehicular, so much successful as the organization allows reaching the desired target obtaining concrete results.

Because of the environment where it takes place and the extremely selected target, Golf is a discipline particularly designated to welcome sponsorships.


Oasi Golf Club, established in 1988 and from then affiliated to FIG (Italian Golf Federation), is a wonderful green cross place, close to Aprilia, equidistant from Rome and Latina.


A semi Olympic swimming pool, 2 tennis and football courts together with a delicious restaurant with a bar are a worthy corollary to a marvellous game course, 18 holes par 72. Besides the traditional course we offer a driving range outfitted with protected positions and a putting green as well.


All the structure extends upon a surface of 70 hectares always sunny and mitigated by the presence of the sea. Our club has some common spaces as well, for example a meeting room and some comfortable accommodations.


Oasi Golf Club areas really represent a place naturally genius for welcoming events and sponsorships.




The golf player is generally a professional or company’s manager, having an average-high income and a special inclination to spend; average age between 45 and 50 years, mainly man. If man, he has a high powered car, if woman she has a medium-small but glamour car. The golf player prefers social relationships selecting his own interlocutor. He is both competitive and loyal person; loves the good living and looks towards a life spent in a natural space.

The sponsorship into Oasi Golf environment allows the reaching of a very specific target continually increasing.




The main sponsorship sphere is the golf contest which represents the last or beginning event of a complete sponsorship process.

It’s one of the moment in which the Sponsor Company brand gets in touch with the identification target.

As the contest is arranged during all the year, mainly during the weekend, it’s a real relax moment of major availability as well. The contests are inserted into the National Yearbook of FIG. Through the Yearbook and thanks to Oasi Golf Club dedication, the Sponsor’s brand is spread to specific magazines, to numerous web sites concerning golf and to all Italian Golf Clubs as well. The brand remains visible also after the contest, to be more precise, into the contest report issue that shows wide spaces of photographic documentation related to the event.




Our club provides all the necessary assistance in order to spread the event both in the Golf World and, through preferential ways, into the non-Golf society. During the selected week for the contest, the sponsor has at his disposal the entire Golf Club.

It will be possible to show advertising material, items and everything we consider necessary in order to convey the brand and the related items in the best possible way. In the following and in the previous weeks it will be possible to value the continuity of cooperation. During the contest also the single holes can be sponsored. At the end the cocktail will represent a further aggregation moment.




The sponsor has the opportunity to give hospitality up to 6 players and to avail free, for no own golf players guests, of golf instructors for demonstrations and golf initiation.

For non-golf players it will be the chance of specific events that we could define together.

The Sponsor will be requested to purchase only of silver awards, 8 or 12, based on the contests typology. Our Club can provide to buy awards from its own suppliers and through the restaurant, can arrange the cocktail with buffet at the moment of award ceremony.

The awards are usually cups, pots or bowls with engravings concerning the contest, the Golf Club, the date and the sponsor’s brand.




The participants number obviously depends on the ability of the Sponsor and of the Golf Club to advance an event.

Besides of the participants’ number, larger during the long days of summer, there is an increase of the spectators number as well, that is the non-players, in a quantity changeable from 200 to 500 people.




It’s possible that Oasi Golf Club could consider the participation, necessarily consistent, of more sponsors for the same event.




On the closed day (Tuesday if no high day- and not in July and August, when there’s continuous opening) our Club can reserve the exclusive for contests, receptions and invitational meetings. In this way the Sponsor itself can decide the invitations for the arranged contests.




Our club organization structure and the contest committee are at Sponsor’s disposal in order to provide any support designed to meet the demands of participation and success of the event. Below we show you a contest standard schedule. On this base we can, together with you, share any variation in order to perform the event in the best way, suitable to meet the sponsor’s demand and the established target.